An analysis of the witch of wall street by hetty green

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An analysis of the witch of wall street by hetty green

Share When we think of the movers and shakers of Wall Streetthe captains of industry and the titans of finance, we generally visualize formidable men in suits.

It's often thought that women have yet to produce a towering figure in Wall Street lore. This idea couldn't be more wrong. We will look at the life of Hetty Green, the richest woman of her era and a pioneering value investor who more often goes by the title the "Witch of Wall Street.

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She opened her first bank account at eight and received much of her education reading the financial pages to her near-blind grandfather, discussing each stock and bond in detail. Green's father, Edward Robinson, was believed to have married her mother, the bed-ridden heiress of the Howland fortune, for the seed money needed to build up a whaling business.

An analysis of the witch of wall street by hetty green

Robinson was a ruthless businessman and Hetty was his bookkeeper, as well as his companion, as he strolled the docks making deals. Not surprisingly, Green came out of her childhood and early years with a certain amount of eccentricity that later events only reinforced.

Shortly after her father's death, her wealthy aunt died. Green's aunt had agreed to leave her fortune to Hetty, but the will had been changed over the last years that Hetty's aunt spent as an invalid. Hetty came forth with another will denouncing the first and was embroiled in legal battles, including accusations of forgery.

She had actually been investing for years with the allowance from her father, but her larger capital base opened up new realms of finance. She made full use of compoundinglow-risk investments and tax protection bordering on evasioncombining this formidable trio with incredible frugality.

She bought up bonds and real estate at severe discounts in every financial panic. When everyone was running out of the market, Green would buy in.

An analysis of the witch of wall street by hetty green

She always kept a large war chest for crashes and panics, both for snapping up investments in fire sales and providing high-interest emergency loans to desperate bankers.

When markets recovered, Green would call in the loans, plus interest, and sell off the investments as the markets heated up again. Her only miscalculation came when she married Ned Green, a successful speculator. Hetty Green's investment character was the exact opposite of her new husband, but she was prudent enough to get Ned to sign a prenuptial agreement keeping their finances separate.

The newly-christened Hetty Green hated speculation and marginpreferring to carefully choose each investment. In Novembershe told the New York Times: I keep them until they go up and people are anxious to buy.

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She was not a value investor of the buy and hold type, however, as she stated, "I never buy anything just to hold it. There is a price on everything I have.

When that price is offered, I sell. Family Troubles Hetty Green's frugality and discipline soon clashed with her husband's freewheeling speculation. She had to bail out her husband several times before unofficially separating from him.

They had two children, a daughter and a son, and both went to live with their mother. When her son, Edward Green, nicknamed Ned, injured his leg sledding, his mother tried to take him to a charity hospital to get free care.

The leg was improperly treated and had to be amputated, as gangrene had set in. Green's relationship with her children was strained and would remain so until her death. Inhowever, her main bank attempted to seize her assets to cover her husband's trading debts.

Green withdrew all her money and went to the Chemical National Bank, opening an account as well as an unofficial office in the back. The Chemical Bank Magician Green had an encyclopedic knowledge of the market and her own finances. She constantly updated a list of prices at which she would buy into or sell out of investments, keeping it all in her head for fear of lawyers getting their hands on written documents.

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Her distaste for lawyers and judges grew over the years, and she was accused of pulling her gun on one over a dispute about a tax assessment.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

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