Bata case study

For around a decade the two standards battled for dominance, with VHS eventually emerging as the winner. The victory was not due to any technical superiority Betamax is arguably a better formatbut to several factors.

Bata case study

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The challenge for McDonalds was to build Organizations today are faced with some of the greatest workforce challenges in history: On average, this generation of workers has been in the workforce longer than previous generations, and has worked for their employer longer than those who follow.

Companies such as Basys, a software company founded in and specializing in health and retirement benefits administration, are proactively addressing the mounting risk of managing talent and preparing the next generation of employees by launching strategic Knowledge Transfer initiatives. This created a bottleneck of organizational knowledge, as new hires relied on the SMEs to answer, advise, guide and trouble-shoot.

Of course, Basys had a training program for new hires, but it was not fully integrated throughout the organization. In recent years, Basys had built a strong pipeline of business and had hired a large number of new staff, with more planning to be hired in the coming years to meet the demand.

They wanted to do a good job, but lacked the resources to succeed. How to accelerate the speed of training new employees, or veteran employees new for roles or projects? How to engage and retain the next generation of workers? How to cross train employees to foster innovation, Bata case study, and consistency to meet the demands of a changing organization and rapidly growing clientele?

STCto develop a plan to enable staff to reduce the time spent teaching their skills, create a repeatable, measureable process of Knowledge Transfer that could be used throughout the organization, build standards and measureable goals to increase consistency and customer and employee satisfaction, and CASE STUDY: Most of our expertise was in the heads of our staff that had been here a long time.

They needed help translating what was in their heads to actionable items for new employees. By following the Steve Trautman Co. By completing this step using the Knowledge Silo Matrix KSMthe organization was able to identify the information needed to be a proficient worker in each knowledge domain, and the departmental silos where knowledge gaps existed.

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They were also able to take a fresh look at their processes to help improve workflow by reducing unnecessary steps. In addition, each silo was analyzed to determine associated risks, using the following criteria: For each silo, a master Skill Development Plan SDP was written that delineated the individual skills required to perform the work of that silo.

For each employee, a customized plan to learn these skills was created and linked to their professional development plan.

As a result, new employees become productive team members more rapidly, which increases their motivation and engagement. The Steve Trautman Co. This final step provides the tools needed so that SMEs can train their colleagues in the identified areas.

Basys clearly needed to reduce the risk held within these knowledge silos.

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Two senior members of the Basys team have been trained in the Trautman methodology. These KTPOs are responsible for driving the Knowledge Transfer effort and ensuring the managers, mentors and apprentices are adhering to their learning plans by holding bi-monthly meetings.

Managers meet weekly with Mentors and Apprentices to review status reports, which outlines the skills Apprentices have gained, the ones they are working on, and ironing out issues that arise.

Basys has put in place steps to reward and celebrate behaviors that honor the commitment to the Knowledge Transfer methodology and those that are getting results, by giving bonuses to those who have overcome major Knowledge Transfer hurdles and recognizing and rewarding best Knowledge Transfer practices.


We have always had a culture of accountability, and now we are shifting our incentives and bonus to rewarding those who exemplify our values as a learning organization. After just six months since Basys launched this Knowledge Transfer initiative, the results were evident.

Basys now has a professional Knowledge Transfer program embedded in their culture that ensures knowledge is routinely transferred in a quick, methodical way. Basys leadership says that more employees know more, quicker.This case talks about Bata Shoe Organization, the world's largest manufacturer and retailer of Footwear Company and the challenges faced by the company while determining its future long-term strategy and in finding a top management team.

Multilingual site for a global manufacturing company – Bata Industries case study Bata Industrials was founded in the Czech Republic in the XIX Century as a shoe factory.

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As early as the s, the company was active in Switzerland, Germany, England, France, Yugoslavia, Poland, India, and the . WhatsApp case: Sebi asks Bata India to probe results leak, strengthen systems Bata India has to complete the inquiry within three months and file a report with Sebi within seven days thereafter.

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Bata case study

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