Botticellis birth of venus essay

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Botticellis birth of venus essay

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This new vanguard of men made it their mission to recreate the past and relive it through translating and comprehending the works of Virgil, Homer and Hesiod. It is said that every day Lorenzo the Great assembled groups of humanists, philosophers and artists to form a literary society who interpreted works and formed ideas that were then translated by the artists, painters, goldsmiths and musicians.

The Birth of Venus was a theme launched by Lorenzo and it was he who had it set to verse by one of his favorite humanist poets, Angelo Poliziano.

Botticellis birth of venus essay

This filtered through to Botticelli and he scrupulously followed the text in order to design the artwork. Angelo Poliziano's stanzas were based on an ode by Hesiod. In the story we see the aftermath of Venus's creation, pushed along by the Gods of the winds, Zephyr and Aura, who, on the first day of Creation, elevated this shell bearing Venus' triumphant nudity from the unknown depths of the sea.

Approaching the earth over which she will assume her true role, Botticellis birth of venus essay becomes suddenly modest, and notice the stance, which Botticelli borrowed directly from the beautiful examples of the antique, Venus Pudicae, that were being discovered at that time. For this modesty to take on its sacred nature, one of the Graces, in the name of all three, is there to cover her with her cape.

The Graces have the privilege of covering Venus' nudity and transforming her into the mother and patron saint of all the forces of creation. Venus is in the process of landing. It should be pointed out that the shore she is landing on is very rugged and already has tall trees, both laurel and myrtle, and that the trees are crowded together, their foliage obscuring one another.

There are several details that illustrate Venus' triumphant magnificence. Art historians know that until recently, this Birth of Venus had been lavishly covered with varnish, which means that the successive coats of varnish had completely opacified.

The painting has been superbly cleaned, and today's viewers are able to discover a new Botticelli with pearly flesh, nearly translucent skin and the eerily green blue of the ocean. Birth of Venus Inspirations for the Work Birth of Venus Sandro Botticelli It is in keeping with Renaissance era inspiration that one of Botticelli's most famous paintings represents not a Christian legend, but a classical myth - the Birth of Venus.

Whilst the works of the classical poets had been known through the middle Ages, it was only at the time of the Renaissance, when the Italians tried so passionately to recapture the former glory of Rome that classical myths become popular among educated laymen.

For the men of the Renaissance, the mythology of the Greeks and Romans represented a superior form of truth and wisdom. Whilst Botticelli carried out the artwork, it is highly likely that the commissioner a member of the powerful Medici provided the original source of inspiration and that either he, or one of his learned friends, explained to the artist what was the story, as recounted by the ancients regarding Venus rising from the sea.

The story would have been seen as a symbol of mystery in which the divine message came into the world, and Botticelli has done his best to depict this myth in a worthy manner.

Birth of Venus Analysis Venus Botticelli's Venus, the goddess of love, is one of the first non-biblical female nudes in Italian art and is depicted in accordance with the classical Venus pudica.

Key Figures of the Renaissance

However, she is as far as a precise copy of her prototype as the painting is an exact illustration of Poliziano's poetry. The group comprising Venus and the Hora of spring demonstrates Botticelli's flexible use of Christian means of depiction.The Botticelli is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Botticelli is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (dimensions 67 7/8 x 5/8 in.

and is showcased in Uffizi, Florence) is from the Early Renaissance where as Raphael painted his Galatea in (dimensions x cm). in the period of the High Renaissance.

art history responseview the video about sandro botticellis birth of venus produced by smarthistory for the khan Q: How did the growth of big business impact the american american historyreflection paperbeing new to a place is challenging the list below includes some provocative. The “Birth of Venus” was unlike any other painting of its time.

Designed to be hung above the marital bed, it was a daring celebration of human desire. Subject: Image Created Date: 9/20/ PM. Below is an essay on "Botticellis Birth of Venus" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Botticellis birth of venus essay

Description: The piece I have chosen for my paper is "The Birth of Venus".

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