Dbm380 week 2

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Dbm380 week 2

Joey Neely Running head: Currently I am in the United States Army. We track a lot of data in the unit level for all of soldiers. One of the most key database trackers would be tracking training data. I chose this database because the importance of being able to track this data. Knowing that your soldiers are fully trained is very important in making sure they can succeed on the battlefield.

This type of database would allow supervisors to check training stats, get physical training test average, and generate reports to keep track who is due or behind with training requirements.

DBM/ Week 2 Database Design

Due to this having to be a rather large database using Microsoft Access will not be suitable. This system will be a user-friendly system that will take a short training session to learn.

Dbm380 week 2

It will have also have shorts cuts that will generate common reports that will be needed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The design of the DMBS will have to be sleek and easy on the eyes to make working with it easy.

It should not be any contrasting colors that will be hard on the eyes. This Database will have a lot of Data Field that will have to be made in order to track important information.

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It will have to have all the normal stuff like Name, Rank, and social. But it will also need some other important stuff like: This also important so that you can track how many non-deployable you have.

This so important because every unit needs to be at a 90 percent deployment rate. More will be added in future. That is why the DBMS my allow new entries or columns to be added.

Another solution would to have a maintenance contract with the company that the software is purchased from. This also takes care of any technical difficulties that are not outlined in the warranty.

This database will have to be able to Query different reports to track readiness. For example, monthly deployment ready stats have to be given to show the unit readiness to deploy.

There should be a Query button to click to generate a report showing what percentage is your medical readiness. It is not good if you let this get under 90 percent. The software will also have the ability to generate an email to the personnel who are out of tolerance.

This email could make those who are too lazy to keep track of their own information.

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This could be a technique to get leadership more engaged in what is going on. Another report that would need to be generated would be who is due Physical Fitness test. Normally a unit will conduct this test once a month. An easy to click query button would work nice to generate a list of personnel who need to take the test.

Some may say this is a system of laziness. But look at it of a way to be more productive This database system would be a great addition to making any unit more productive. This database wills so more production than the existing numerous excels spreadsheets that are currently being used.

It would allow better tracking procedures. One disadvantage would be cost. The unit will be having paid the money to contract a software company to develop the DBMS.

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Price is worth making you work environment a little easier. If the company can afford it I suggest them to pay because it well worth a company to be better organized. This will increase a better-trained unit because of better tracking methods. Design, implementation, and management 10th ed.

Database Concepts 5th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ:Dbm Week 3 Dq 1 work comprises DBM Week 2 Learning Team MS Access General Questions - General General Questions DBM/ College of Information Systems Technology Database Concepts LATEST VERSION OF SYLLABUS DBM Week 1 Individual Assignment Database Design Paper Write a to word paper in which you do the following: Explain what database systems .

´╗┐CLICK TO DOWNLOAD MAT Week 2 Quiz Question 1 If variable costs increase, but price and fixed costs are held constant, the break even point will decrease. Question 2 Parameters are known, constant values that are usually coefficients of variables in equations.

Question 3 Probabilistic techniques assume that no uncertainty exists in model parameters. This course covers database concepts.

Topics include data analysis, the principal data models with emphasis on the relational model, entity-relationship diagrams, database design, normalization, and database administration.

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DBM DBM/ DBM Week 2 Individual Database Environment Paper. Write a to 1,word paper in which you complete the following. Choose a database environment from the following: An appropriate database environment within your workplace (must be approved by your instructor). Using the Geiger () article as a guide, how must a database administrator balance the time to complete data modeling step with the benefits this step.

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