Essays on homework pleasure or pain

The play shares certain elements with its ancestor, the medieval morality play: Yet it breaks with tradition in two important respects: Faustus pursues his grand aspirations in what Marlowe portrays as a repressive climate of Christian orthodoxy, which, in designating certain knowledge as forbidden, blocks fulfillment of his desires and effectively becomes his antagonist.

Essays on homework pleasure or pain

Pleasures work as a kind of driving force. Therefore, people pursue diverse hobbies according to their tastes, likings and means.

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The pleasure derived from reading books, periodicals and magazines is totally a different type of pleasure. It is unique in the sense that it provides instructions, knowledge and inspiration along with satisfaction ant pleasure.

But everybody cannot get pleasure out of reading. Reading presupposes certain level of intelligence, comprehension, language skills and love of solitude. One might be well educated but it does not mean that one can certainly get pleasure out of reading or that one can get himself engaged in reading.

Habit of reading is to be grown and cultivated. The earlier it is done the better. Childhood is the best period when reading habits should be developed. Unfortunately, most of the modern students read books, etc. They read neither for pleasure, nor for culture or knowledge.

They waste their valuable time in viewing film, TV serials, and playing cards or in idle gossiping for pleasure and pastime. They forget that books are the best friends, that reading provides best type of pleasure.

It is a pleasure which can be recreated and shared with others. Reading provides us with valuable experience which would always stand us in good stead. Books are really a treasure house of knowledge experience, pleasure, inspiration, information and mental refreshment.

You can, read a book or a magazine at your convenience, in a corner of your house, in the park, in bed, while travelling in a bus, car, tram or train, while taking tea or breakfast. One can borrow books from friends, libraries, neighbors or buy them.

They are also available at confessional rates as second hand things. If need be, they can be sold and the money realized.

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They can be exchanged as well. Their company is matchless and forever. They never desert you in the lurch. There is a whole world of reading material to choose from. The variety of books and magazines is really staggering. If you are a sober and serious type of reader, you can read history books or books on philosophy.

To an emotional and imaginative type of reader, there are books of drama, poetry, fiction, fantasy, romance, travel and essays. You may choose books on fine arts if you so like. Then there are books of light nature which include story, comics, jokes and cartoon books. Then there are detective novels to give you pleasure laced with thrill and sensation.

Reading is the only leisure time hobby which is matchless.

Essays on homework pleasure or pain

The ability to get pleasure by reading is really a great gift and boon. They are fortunate who possess and practice it.

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It provides pleasure, knowledge, experience, language, skills and a type of entertainment which no other hobby can. For reading you do not depend on anybody else. You are your own master. In many other hobbies you require the company of someone else, but not here.

Modern age is the age of information and knowledge. Knowledge is a great power. We can keep ourselves well informed about various topics and things by reading. A good reader is also a knowledgeable person. The horizon of his Knowledge and understanding is bound to be vast and broad.

Reading is a pleasant and gainful occupation during leisure hours. Knowledge provided by books and reading can help in accumulating all these and many more things.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

- Aristotle, Temperance, Pleasure, and Pain(1) ABSTRACT: Aristotle argues that temperance is the mean concerned with pleasure and pain (NE b and b). Most commentators focus on the moderation of pleasures and hardly discuss how this virtue relates to pain.

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View Essay - pleasure v pain from PHIL at University of Tennessee. cause them to feel more pain than pleasure and vise versa. I am trying to think about other ingredients that cannot be reduced.

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