Football genius

The Ultimate Quiz Review Share. This download will put your knowledge to the test. By Nate Ahearn I'm going to start this review with a warning:

Football genius

He might Football genius make one play all night but he is vital to the defense.

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Most likely he will be double teamed. Drive low and through causing a pile up. The DT on the pulling side should try and cut the pulling OL. If he does not get the cut, pursue down the LOS looking for cut back. Keep an eye out for the TE blocking down or trying to cut you. Defensive Ends The DE lines up in a 9-technique and will cut through the outside knee of the tight end to a point 1.

Drive through and cause a pile up by taking on the FB or pulling lineman.

Nick Saban = College Football Genius

The DE must cause the pulling lineman and backs to loop around the pile they create. Cross read the opposite wingback If the cross wingback goes in motion: Blitz C gap, wreck havoc, stay low and find ball. If the cross wingback blocks down: Drag the anchor and slow pursue looking for cutback right back at you.

Blitz C gap and wreck havoc. If you can, get a read on direction of the pulling OL helmets, they will take you to the play.

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He will put a stop to the FB running plays and the Wingback on the cutback. As the DOG, he might not make one play all night but he is vital to the defense. The DOG plays head up on the center and cuts low through the knee of the center to the play side A gap.

We want the DOG to be as disruptive as humanly possible to the pulling lineman and backs. We determine play side by motion, best back, or tendencies.

He rips through the center trying to get into the backfield. Depending on their blocking scheme he may come untouched into the backfield. We want to funnel everything outside of the alleys in which they want to run.

The design and strength of the play is inside behind a wall of blockers, so any back running outside is by himselfdefeating the purpose of the play. The OLB needs to read the motion of the wing to their side.There are quite a few intelligent players in the NFL, but some take the cake as being the smartest of the bunch.

Here are the 6 NFL players with genius IQs. Not here, alas.

Football genius

And not with the following carefully considered statement: Nick Saban is a college football genius. You read that right. Genius. Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters.

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SCHEDULE. Click on a game below to play. DATE. TIME. Questions are asked to advance the football down the pitch, from defence to midfield, then to attack, and finally a shot on goal. A longer move requires a more difficult question.

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