How to write a sermon conclusion

Just this week Joe shared some great insights on how to create an awesome introduction.

How to write a sermon conclusion

The whole sermon is important but the sermon introduction and the sermon conclusion are especially important.

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The sermon introduction should engage your listeners from the moment you speak and the sermon conclusion should leave your listeners with a predetermined action. I personally craft the sermon outline first. Next I add sermon content to the sermon outline. Thereafter I write the sermon introduction and then and only then I craft the sermon conclusion in order for the listeners to take action in relation to what the sermon is about.

It is very easy to spend large amounts of time writing the sermon outline, adding content to the sermon outline and crafting a great sermon introduction and neglect the conclusion. In the shadow of the above thoughts, I will suggest seven ways how to write a sermon conclusion for impact.

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Conclude The Sermon With A Story People love stories and if you craft the story well and the story sums up the subject of the sermon, then you will be able to motivate listeners to take life-changing action. The Easter story is common place to most of us.

In order to motivate my listeners at a Good Friday Easter Service, I shared a simple but heart wrenching story to motivate the listeners to take hold of Jesus and experience His salvation. The story summed up the message with a predetermined life-changing action.

A father took his family for a Sunday afternoon drive. As they were driving, enjoying the scenery, the two kids cried out: There is a kitten back there on the side of the road.

how to write a sermon conclusion

His heart is touched a tear comes to his eyes. He reaches down to pick it up, with its last bit of energy, it hisses at him, hair standing up on its back, showing its teeth and claws, lunging for his wrist, scratching him and drawing blood. Nevertheless, he reaches out and gently picks it up and brings it back to the car source unknown.

Easter reminds us that Jesus reached down to pick us up. In doing so, He shed His blood and endured the pain and horror of the cross in order that we might not be forsaken on the roadside of life, in order that we might not be separated from someone who cares us.

how to write a sermon conclusion

I use the sermon introduction to introduce the main preaching point or topic. The sermon itself expands and explains the main preaching.

The sermon conclusion reinforces the main preaching point with application. A sticky statement is one way to conclude and apply the main preaching point. People are impacted by statements that stick. You need a sticky statement.Apr 25 6 Steps To Prep A Sermon Start To Finish. Ryan Huguley.

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Write. Write. Conclusion. In talking with pastors about preaching, one thing has become clear: Every preacher has their own process. This is mine. How To Write Sermon Content. You write sermon content after you have constructed your sermon outline..

Your sermon content expands and explains your sermon outline but also it will involve an introduction and a conclusion.. Your introduction introduces the main preaching point or the sermon big idea.

Your conclusion sums up the main preaching point and brings it to a conclusion. — Rewrite your conclusion after the first service to make it better. This is an advantage of having multiple services. This is an advantage of having multiple services.

You know how the sermon feels after preaching it so you can write a stronger conclusion if needed. The Body of the Sermon 1. Major points. The outline must have them ( points). Sermon needs a plan, like a building. The existence of a plan can be seen from the outside. Conclude the sermon intentionally.

View the sermon as a unit with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Work to craft a conclusion that is clear, compelling, and climatic. Only conclude once.

Paul says, “Finally,” several times in Philippians. But Philippians is divinely inspired. Your sermon on Philippians is not. The “Searching for a Runway” Conclusion – This is a common one that we fall into when we fail to plan our conclusion before starting to preach.

As the sermon wears on we become aware of the need to land the plane, but have to search for a decent runway on which to land it.

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