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It is thus a social process.

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Communication media and ICTs are important tools in achieving this process but their use is not an end in itself—interpersonal communication must also play I was a sdwdd fundamental role. This basic consensus on communication for development and social change has been interpreted and applied in different ways throughout the past century.

Both at theory and research levels, as well as at the levels of policy and planning-making and implementation, divergent perspectives are on offer.

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The relationship between the practical application of communication processes and technologies in achieving positive and measurable development outcomes is an emerging subject of research, discussion and conjecture. While media professionals, opinion-shapers and development assistance policy-makers have often sought to utilize communication systems for social mobilization and change, a lack of understanding of the complexity of behavioural, societal and cultural factors on end-user consumption patterns has more often led to ineffective, or even counterproductive, outcomes.

Experienced practitioners and scholars point to the need for a close study of society and culture in formulating communication and outreach strategies, thus ensuring that target audiences are reached in an appropriate manner to effect knowledge transfer.

In establishing communication for development programmes, professionals have, in the past, often laboured under a misunderstanding commonly held by policy-makers relating to the nature of the discipline.

Lay persons, understandably, confuse the subject with public relations, public information, corporate communications and other media-related activities. However, while communication for development and social change may incorporate skill-sets from those [Page ]areas of information dissemination, the subject reaches far deeper and broader into the entire communication process.

Communication for Development and Social Change is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and participatory process through which people are empowered to control their own destinies. Culture is central to development and deserves greater emphasis in communication for development and social change.

Policy-makers, academics and practitioners alike should recognize that communication is a process, not a product or a set of technologies. It includes formal for example, campaigns and informal for example, community participationdirect for example, media exposure and indirect for example, communication in social networks forms of communication.

In other words, communication must be seen as an essential element of every development and social change project. Communication needs to be applied in different ways and at distinct levels according to the needs and characteristics of the context or community.

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Hopefully, this book has offered perceptive insights and vivid examples to prove that the field of communication for development and social change is indeed vibrant.

Community Radio and Rural Development. Anthropological Methods for Communication Research: Understanding Attitudes and Predicting Social Behavior. Globalization, Knowledge and Society. Una Comunicacion para otro Desarrollo. Poverty and Development in the s.

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