Oreo project

Worse still, handset support is promptly re-evaluated once new models come along. Consumers have been complaining about this problem to OEMs and Google for years. Fortunately, the situation is changing following the arrival of Project Treble.

Oreo project

Welcome to our class website where we share all the fabulous things we are learning! Along with the th day when we bake chocolate chip cookies!!!

This project is sponsored by my friend and brilliant colleague, Jen who is an innovator in the Ed Tech community! Her projects are wonderful ways to get 21 Century skills for students that are both engaging, meaningful and FUN! This project starts out as collecting data when students try to see how tall of a tower they can stack with oreos.

It then becomes data collecting, analyzing and sharing as we share and compare our results with the rest of the participants around the world. There are so many skills packed into this project!

Our class range was oreos in our towers. We made a line plot of our data and inferences about our results.

Oreo project

Our math skills are stacking up! This year we had a class average of 18 oreos in our stack. Collecting and analyzing data has never tasted so good!

Then we made a line plot of our data and found the class average.

Oreo project

Finally we reported our findings online to the community and compared our results with other 3rd graders in the world. We were curious, so we also peeked at some results from younger and older students!

We noticed any patterns in the data submitted from all elementary schools participating and found that the trend was for younger students to average lower numbers of oreos and older kids averaged more oreos.

Then we made inferences as to why this might be the case. We predicted how many oreos we could stack in a tower, had 2 trials and then recorded our best stack.

We then collected the data from the class and created a tally chart, line plot and scaled bar graph of the data in our Math Journals. What a delicious way to collect and represent data!!It's called The OREO Project and it is one of our favorite days of school! (Along with the th day when we bake chocolate chip cookies!!!) This project is sponsored by my friend and brilliant colleague, Jen who is an innovator in the Ed Tech community!

Android "Oreo" (codenamed Android O during development) is the eighth major update and the 15th version of the Android operating system. It was first released as an alpha quality developer preview in March and released to the public on August 21, Project Treble is a major re-architecture of the way Android works.

—that would make this list too long since Google requires every Certified Android device launching with Android Oreo. Project Treble is Google’s worthy improvement to software updates.

Before moving too far in, let’s look back and talk about what Project treble actually is. A year ago, Android Developer Blog posted a short explanation; you can go back and see that if you want to know more, but I will clear it here. One [ ].

Oreo Features - Xamarin | Microsoft Docs

With Android Oreo, Google unveiled Project Treble. This new project from the company was aimed at making Android updates quicker by making core parts of the OS modular. Sadly, not many Project Treble-compatible devices have hit the market so far so it is unclear if the project is a success or not.

The OREO Project. One Christmas, I received an Oreo mug as a gift. The mug has bits of Oreo trivia, including a question on how many Oreos it would require to build a pile as tall as the St. Louis Arch.

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