Security forces

The Somalia government has a duty to protect against Al- Shabaab. Even if a child has committed a serious crime, they still need protection. They need access to their family and to lawyers.

Security forces

Provincial council member Khair Mohammad Noorzai told the dpa news agency that the four-hour attack occurred in the early morning of November 15 and killed nearly all of the soldiers and police officers stationed at the joint base. In Kabul, lawmaker Samiullah Samim told the AP that air strikes killed 17 of the Taliban attackers but most managed to flee.

A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack and said about 80 weapons and several vehicles were captured by militants.

Security forces

Some Afghan security forces have been killed in those battles. The resurgent Taliban have mounted increasing numbers of a provincial attacks in their battle to bring down the Western-backed government in Kabul and force out foreign troops.

Unofficial reports have estimated that some 45 Afghan police officers or soldiers are killed daily or wounded in attacks by the Taliban and other militants. Afghan security forces have struggled to counter attacks from militant groups since the withdrawal of most NATO combat troops in The remaining Western forces mainly train and advise the Afghan military, although some are still occasionally caught in firefights.

Separately, Russia held peace talks in Moscow on November 9 that included Taliban representatives, but little progress was reported.

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The badge represents participation in military operations on the Global War on Terrorism. The Security Force's main goal is to keep the people, planes, base, weapons (even nuclear), and the surrounding area safe from any threat, including the intrusion by unauthorized people.

Security forces

The latest Tweets from Indian Security Forces (@ForcesIndian). Security updates about proud forces of India. Follow us to get & share news about Indian Armed forces & paramilitary forces of . A mission feature of the men and women of the th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron.


They are responsible for securing the perimeter of Bagram Airfield, and keeping its personnel safe. The Zürich Security Forces, or ZSF, alternatively known as the Zürich Defense Force, is a private security force that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

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