Sejarah badminton

History of Badminton The history and origin of badminton dates back to the ancient times, around years before the birth of Christ. It involved kicking something similar to the modern day shuttlecock, but did not use rackets.

Sejarah badminton

The beginning of her sports career.

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Made her debut at the Asean Youth Athletic Tournament. Won six gold medal at the St. Long Jump Gold medallist, new records for m Won three gold and a silver. Won the Heptathlon gold medal pts4 x m, 4 x m gold, high jump silver and long jump bronze.

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Mar Left for the United States to further studies in sports psychology. Pingat Jasa Masyarakat, Pulau Pinang. Ahli Mangku Negara, Agong.

WHEN Malaysia first made their appearance in the Olympic Games in Melbourne in — a year before the Independence Day, there was only one rose among the thorns in the member squad — Annie Choong in athletics. But over the last 50 years, Malaysian women have blossomed into a respected force in local and international sports.

More than that, the women athletes are now major medal winners in tournaments. Zaiton Othman used to win medal after medal in the heptathlon event.

Badminton house, itulah nama istana tersebut, menjadi saksi sejarah bagaimana permainan ini terus berkembang hingga sangat populer seperti sekarang ini. Pemilik bangunan istana tersebut adalah Duke of Beafourt, ia bukanlah orang yang menemukan jenis permainan badminton ini. This led to the emergence of badminton stars, the first one being Kitty Godfree, who won badminton championship, three times in the s. With the increasing popularity of the game around the world, the International Badminton Federation was established in SEJARAH BADMINTON. Badminton telah diperkenalkan pada zaman silam; sukan ini mula dimainkan di Yunani silam danMesir. Di Jepun, sukan berkaitan iaitu Hanetsukitelah dimainkan seawal abad ke

Former national stars — Zaiton Othman and Rosalind Singha Ang — who were among the trailblazers, said they hoped to see better things ahead for the Malaysian women athletes. Former heptathlon great Zaiton says she would not be surprised if the first Malaysian Olympic gold medallist is a woman.

Nicol David showed she is a dominant force in squash when she won the world title twice while Esther Cheah won it in Unfortunately, both squash and bowling are not Olympic sports. But there are others who have made Malaysia proud either at the world or Asian level.

There have been other past greats too besides Zaiton and Rosalind. They are athletes M. Rajamani, who became the first woman Asian Games gold medallist inG. Zaiton however, hoped that women would continue to scale greater heights.Lucia Francisca Susy Susanti (born 11 February in Tasikmalaya, West Java) is a retired Indonesian badminton player.

Relatively small of stature, she combined quick and graceful movement with elegant shotmaking technique, and regarded by many as one of the greatest women's singles player of all time. Sometimes her name is also spelled Susi Susanti.

Dare to be a Champion – Lee Cho Datuk Lee Chong Wei made his first appearance in the finals of a major badminton tournament at the tender age of. Subscribe to the channel: is the official live channel of the Badminton World Feder hay nhất. Jan 07,  · By K.M.

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Boopathy WHO can Malaysia turn to when the Korea Open, the curtain raiser to the badminton season, begins today? Who else but the same old Lee Chong Wei.

Sejarah badminton

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