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Since its beginning the Mormon Church has taught that a dark skin is a sign of God's displeasure. This teaching comes directly from Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon teaches that about B. Those who were righteous the Nephites had a white skin, but those who rebelled against God the Lamanites were cursed with a dark skin.

Young man desires position

The "faithful saying" here refers to the wish for high and arduous work in the Church of Christ, and declares such a wish to be a noble one; for the office in question was a beautiful one, and honourable, and in those days meant stern and ceaseless work, grave and constant danger.

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It was no doubt one of the well-known sayings among the brethren of the first days, and not improbably, with the other "faithful sayings" of this group of Epistles, formed a part of their liturgy, and was woven into some of their special prayers offered in public.

Perhaps this "faithful saying" was a portion of a prayer offered not unfrequently in the public assembly, asking that volunteers might be moved by the Holy Ghost to present themselves for the then dangerous office of ordained ministers of the Word.

If a man desire the office of a bishop. Pastoral Epistles the Greek words rendered "bishop" and "presbyter" or elder episcopos, presbuterosare applied indifferently to the same person, for up to this period A. The numbers of the members of the brotherhood, though every year showing a vast increase, were still, comparatively speaking, small.

John, and certainly the majority of the apostolic college, were still living; while, till A. Early in the second century, however, there is not a shadow of doubt that the episcopal office, as we understand it, was widely established.

During the last thirty years, then, of the first century, this great change in Church organisation must have been effected--that is, during the life-time of St. How this was brought about is admirably stated by Professor Rothe, of Heidelberg, as quoted by Canon Lightfoot in his dissertation on the Christian ministry Commentary on the Epistle to the Philippianswho, without accepting all the details suggested, still in the main agrees with the famous Heidelberg professor in his theory respecting the very early establishment of episcopacy in the Catholic Church.

After painting the distractions and growing dissensions of the Church, occasioned by the jealousies between the Jewish and Gentile brethren, and the menacing apparition of the Gnostic heresy, Rothe states how, in the face of this great emergency, St.

James were carried away by death almost at the same time; while, with the overthrow of Jerusalem very shortly after, the visible centre of the Church was removed, the keystone of the fabric was withdrawn, and the whole edifice was threatened with ruin.

There was a crying need for some organisation which should cement together the diverse elements of Christian society, and preserve it from disintegration. Out of this need the Catholic Church in its episcopal character arose.

From notices in Eusebius, Irenaeus, and Clement of Rome, Rothe quoted by Lightfoot concludes "that, immediately after the fall of Jerusalem, a council of the surviving Apostles and first teachers of the gospel was held to deliberate on the crisis, and to frame measures for the well-being of the Church.

Young man desires position

The centre of the system thus organised was episcopacy, which at once secured the compact and harmonious working of each individual congregation, and, as the link of communication between the separate brotherhoods, formed the whole into one undivided Catholic Church.

Recommended by this high authority, the new constitution was immediately and generally adopted. Paul was a difficult and dangerous post. It involved much labour; it was full of risk; it meant a hard and severe life; yet, from the Christian's standpoint, it was a work, if faithfully performed, of all toils the most beautiful, the most honourable, the most noble.

Pulpit Commentary Verse 1. Faithful is the saying see above, 1 Timothy 1: This manifestly refers to what follows, not, as Chrysostom and others, and margin of the R.

It is peculiar in the New Testament to the pastoral Epistles and the Epistle to the Hebrews, though common in classical Greek see 1 Timothy 6: The office of a bishop; meaning here, as everywhere else in Scripture, that of a presbyter, or priest. Possibly this application of the word arose from the visits of the apostles, and afterwards of men sent by the apostles, as Timothy and Titus, Tychicus and Artemas, were, to visit the Churches, being occasional and temporary only, as those of Visitors.

Matthew Henry Commentary 3: A minister must give as little occasion for blame as can be, lest he bring reproach upon his office.


He must be sober, temperate, moderate in all his actions, and in the use of all creature-comforts. Sobriety and watchfulness are put together in Scripture, they assist one the other. The families of ministers ought to be examples of good to all other families. We should take heed of pride; it is a sin that turned angels into devils.

He must be of good repute among his neighbours, and under no reproach from his former life. To encourage all faithful ministers, we have Christ's gracious word of promise, Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world, Mt And he will fit his ministers for their work, and carry them through difficulties with comfort, and reward their faithfulness.

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The office of Elders, pastors and bishops